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R33 RB 25 DET parts

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Hi Folks

Decided its time for these to go so here goes:

Cylinder head with all valves in good nick and most hydraulics in it £200.00 ovno

Turbo to head exhaust manifold in good condition £50.00 ovno

Inlet manifold with injectors and fuel rail £50.00 ovno

STD coil packs in working order £60.00 ovno

Inlet manifold top section with throttle body etc £50.00 ovno

Rocker covers £50.00 ovno

Freshley skimmed flywheel £ 60.00 ovno

Turbo manifold shields in good condition (ideal to chrome) £30.00 ovno

Aircon compressor £50.00 ovno

Standard spark plug cover in good condition £25.00 ovno

Clear skyline panel in good condition £50.00 ovno

Std GTSt exhaust full system less cat £ 50.00 ovno

Std GTSt air box £25.00 ovno

GTst front bumper bar £ 70.00 ovno

R33 Aircon control panel £ 50.00 ovno

GTSt standard springs in excellent condition £ 50.00 ovno

GTSt Front discs 2 sets freshley skimmed £ 60.00 ovno per set

R 33 catalytic converters £50.00 ovno each

lots of small engine parts and hoses etc also plastic interior parts and door cards usable for retrimming. any parts you require ask and I will see what I have. If anyone wants pictures please PM me and I will sort them out.


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what spec are the coilpacks fella?
stock 1 and 2 series matey


i need the 2 crankcase breather hoses that come out and go into the rocker covers at the front, are yours any good?
im interested in the front bumper bar, any pics please matey?
I will check the hoses on Monday and get a pic of the bumper bar as well on Monday



do you Sold the CAS Sensor and is he in good workling condition ? If, please send me price with shipping to germany.

You still got the coilpacks mate i need for spec 1 r33 gtst.
will check parts tomorrow and reply asap


regards the CAS and the Coil packs I will let you know Tuesday evening as I think I have both.


the 2 breather hoses???
have you got the bolts and washers for the rocker covers too? (don't need all of them but could do with some spares). if so i'm interested in them and the rocker covers mate. let me know how much you want delivered to essex (ss7)

cheers :)
I have the breather hoses.

I have the rocker covers and quite a few of the screws and washers etc.

With regard coil packs I think I have 2 sets of each so have you got any numbers off the top of your coil packs that I can use to identify these?

I will get the bumper bar down tomorrow and take some photos as long as I can get to work in the morning.


do you have the drivers window control surround (just the plastic part) for a spec 1 if so how much?
ok, where in lincs are you? im in Bourne, if not local please pm me your paypal addy with how much you want for them posted?

I have the rocker covers and quite a few of the screws and washers etc.
are you happy with £50 delivered for the covers, washers and bolts?
Also, do you have the stereo cage that screws inside dash, you bolt the double din stereos systems to it, mine got ripped out when some theiving b`stards stole my tv, i now have nothing to bolt my ice to.

Would appreciate a PM with your paypal addy and price for the cage, if you have it, and the 2 crankcase breather hoses, including post to Bourne Lincs, or if you near enough will collect and pay cash.

many thanks


I am negotiable on parts prices to an extent so please ask if interested as I would like to move these parts on and make some space to crack on with my GTR.

PM with questions or pic requests.


are you able to send to Germany as I´m interested in some parts...
Hi mate how much for the small black breather pipe that goes over the coilpac/spark cover its got 2 right angles in it.

serious offers considered

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