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r33 set up

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hi guys

I just brought a skyline r33 it has a uprated fuel pump, after market air filter and exhaust, de cat pipe and boost control.

I was wondering how much you would charge to set the boost control so i could have 2 settings one for every day use and one for putting my foot down a bit.

all so wanted a remap to get the best use out of the car. How much would this cost ?
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Hi there,

Are you looking for a custom remap or just a stage 1 ecu upgrade?
i think would just need a stage 1 ecu up grade and the boost control set up can you pm me cost for this asap


If you come to us we will fit the ecu for free. The total cost for for the stage 1 chip and to be put on the dyno and run the car before the chip, then after, also setting up the boost controller and check over the car making sure all is safe will be £323.13.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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