Not big on posting but I hope someone is interested in this little project.

Had these for a while now. White one for 5 years and they never get to the top of the to do list.
Now I have lost my storage place for them and just haven’t got the space or the time for a year or more so I think it’s time to sell to someone who can appreciate what’s here and build something good.

Selling all together as a job lot m, no parts to be sold off or swaps or cash either way. Just a sale of everything listed and buyer collects. £500 deposit secures it and the rest on collection.

1 x 1995 spec 1 automatic shell. Full uk registered car with logbook.
1 x 1996 spec 2 manual shell. Full uk registered car with logbook Currently both sorn for obvious reasons.
1 x engine. Rb25det with turbo & plenum included but not coil packs. Was running but does need recommissioning, new gaskets, water pump etc. This is the engine out of the white car.
1 x gearbox,
1 x diff & prop.
1 x full interior as shown with extra drivers seat.
1 x Fibreglass front wings and wide rear quarter kit.
2 x front brake callipers
Greddy coilovers - rears are on blue car.
oz racing 17” alloys wheels

What's missing

Engine components including aircon pump, bracket, Starter motor, alternator, engine loom, ecu, clutch pedal assembly, brake master and a few more bits and rear brakes.

I'm really not open to an offers on this as I'm just looking to get back what I've invested.

You all know these are only going up in value so build yourself a great road car and have something left over possibly a drift/track project.

can send plenty of photos if asked.

Thanks for your time

Mike 07403299433