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Spec 2

1) Front Bumper has spot lights and indicators in.
2) Headlights, Similar to the Spec 1 but slimmer in height and look more rectangular
3) Grille, its lost many of the slats found on early spec 1 and more like a GTR design grille but more 'closed' design than the GTR
4) Bonnet is totally different as the lights are different and has more of a droop to the leading edge of the bonnet to fit in with the new grille
5) More pro-nounced bonnet bulge lines

-New style Steering wheel, (also common to R34)
-New style trim on seats, more of a patterned cloth trim as opposed to the Spec 1 Velour type trim.
-Passenger Side Airbag, (this was however an optional extra on late Spec 1 cars, but quite rare for Spec 1 cars.)
-Differently covered and slightly changed design of the dash fascia panel, gone was the rubberised finish and a new 'crackled' finish which was more hard wearing. Notice the new style 'bulges' around heater vents, hazard / rear demist buttons and clock.
-Different warning light clock surround design, Spec 1 had a more open design, Spec 2 has circular warning light design.
-Spec 2 have a seatbelt runner (Drivers side only) that extends from the B-Pillar to provide a better driver comfort

As the Models changed over from Spec 1 to Spec 2 at the production factory some late 1995 Spec 1 GTST had the improved Spec 2 engines and its seems some may even have got the Spec 2 interior seats and trim panels also.

Spec 2 engines there are some differences between the two:

-Turbine Inducer (Air Intake) wheels, Spec 2 is Nylon
Please Note: All R33 GTST Exducer (Exhaust side) Wheels are ceramic.
-Cam shafts are different and are not inter-changable between engine specs.
-ECU is diffently mapped - so i'm led to believe, but with different turbo spool times and different cams then i guess it would of been.
-Spec 2 have different clutch setups, but are basically the same.
_Spec 1 engine has an coil / spark ignitor unit located on top of the motor at the back on the rocker cover near the firewall, whereas the Spec 2 has the ignitor built into the ECU. (see pic)
-Late Spec 2 also have a different CAS unit
-Throttle Position Sensor is different also
-Air Flow Meter Unit is different, has a pink label on spec 2
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