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I've searched up and down but cant seem to find a suitable coilover for my "saloon"! Recently I took a speed bump that blew out my front suspension and I desperately need replacements (hopefully coilovers for lowering options). I've exhausted all search engines/forums and now I'll make my original post! Been a member for almost 4 yrs, but have stayed silent because I've been able to find parts/resources that I needed for my beautiful daily machine. I can provide any info/details about the lady!

1994 R33 GTS25t, 4 door, RB25det, manual transmission, HICAS, Japanese pipe w/relocated BOV located toward front of engine bay, 18" rims and maintained every 4500 km's. Any other questions and I'll be glad to answer so I can fix her and stop feeling like I'm sailing a boat rather than driving one hell of a beast.... Thx fellas!
--Note: Post would either be to Italy or a US P.O. Box
Payment options are completely open
Looking for other compatible parts, just unsure/not going to waste money!

Thanks again,

--James Baroni
*(Will add pics if wanted)*
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