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This guide should help anyone who has converted their automatic R34 to a manual. I have used an R33 gearbox but I can’t see there being much difference in the wiring when using an R34 box. I also pulled out the gearbox loom and pulled it apart so I could just have the wires that are being used in the engine bay. I have tried to explain as best I can and have used pictures so hopefully this should be enough to help anyone out. Ok here goes.

When you disconnected the loom from the gearbox, you should have disconnected 4 plugs. The green and black plugs on the PNP switch, the plug for the speedometer which is grey with an orange and a black wire, and a second speedometer plug, which is brown. I’ll start with the PNP plugs.

The PNP plugs look like this

You only need the black plug. The green one can be removed from the loom and chucked away. On the black plug, there are 3 wires that you need. The red wire for the reverse switch, this also needs a earth wire that you can splice from the earth (black wire) that goes into the speedometer sensor. The other two wires that you need are the brown with yellow stripe and green with white stripe. These are for the neutral switch.

The neutral switch is the switch furthest back on the gearbox. You can either cut the plug off the switch and just connect the wires or do what I did and get the correct plugs from an old R33 gearbox loom. The reverse switch is the switch in the middle. Again you can do the same, either cut the wires or get the correct plug. Remember to get an earth wire from the speedometer sensor.

That’s those switches covered. Next is the speedometer sensor. The automatic gearbox has two different sensors. This one

and this one

You only need the first one. The second one can be removed. The plugs didn’t match so I again used one of an R33 loom.

That should be everything on the gearbox side sorted. Its up to you how you decide to join wires. I twisted the two wires together and then used solder to make sure they weren’t going to come undone.

Now we move to the other end of the loom. On the other end of the black PNP plug is a grey one that plugs in near the drivers side headlight. The following wires can be cut and removed, as they are no longer needed. Blue and white, purple and, pink and blue.

The two remaining wires should be: black with a pink stripe and grey. These two wires need to be joined to make the car think its in neutral, thus letting you start the car.

If like me, you decided to remove the whole gearbox loom and strip it down so you only needed the wires you need, you will need to do a test fit and use something to shape the loom, i.e. cable ties, before you tape it all back up again. Otherwise you will tape it up and then run into loads of problems with wires not being able to reach the right plugs. So plug it all in, make sure everything is working, cable tie the wires up to get the shape of the loom right and then pull it out and tape it all back up. It seems like more hassle, having to keep removing and re-fitting but otherwise you will end up with much more problems and you would have wished that you had mocked it up first.

Anyway, that’s how you do the wiring for an R34 auto to manual conversion. I did mine a few weeks ago now so might have missed something, so if you run into any problems just give me a shout and I should be able to help.
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