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R34 GT/GTT passenger window - all the same?

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Hi, some scumbag :mad: (I'm being polite) broke my passenger window last night and attempted to steal my headunit, fortunatly my neighbour saw what was going on and called the guard's and he was caught...

My question, I can have a passenger window couriered to me from a dismantler but I'm not sure if there are any colour/tint variances within R34 (GT, GTT) models, I want to make sure they are the same before I buy and have sent to me, I'd appreciate if anyone can let me know if there are slight colour variants today as I'm currently immobile...:feedback:

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Try asking in the traders area, you may be able to get a cheaper window too!

I have a window for pax but not sure if GTT will fit yours.

Also, there are different tints my car needed a green tint.

Dan from A-Plan saved my life after someone put a brick through my window. Although a second hand bit of glass cost over £500!!!
If it's the door glass all 34's are the same. As for tints I'm sure it's only the rear quarters and heated rear that are different. There's standard green and a dark UV option for them.

Hope the sh?ts got a good kick in!!
I should just clarify, all the glass from an R34 coupe will fit either the GTR or GTT it's only the tint options that changed. The glass from a 4dr R34 will not fit, it's all completely different. This applies to the R33 as well.
I presume it's the red R34 in your profile pic that has been damaged, so any R34 coupe glass will fit.
Cheers, it is for the R34 GTT, the one I sourced us from another GTT so I'm hoping will be the same tint, just waiting for it to be couriered.
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