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Hello guys,

Misfire + huge petrol consumption from cold start. Then it gets normal after 10min.

I will search tech forum more but if someone knows -is there any Skyline garage in Czech/Slovakia/East Germany? I need proper diagnostics and troubleshooting of misfire. Engine non-modified RB25DE NEO.

I have no skills nor tools myself to do anything. The car is now in one garage here in Brno city, and while guys there are friendly trying to help, it looks they are puzzled big time with the problem.

Here is what is changed previously without any better results:
1. Lambda sensor
2. CAS (Crank Angle sensor)
3. AAC (Auxilary Air control) cleaned
4. Wairing loom between coils
5. Spark plugs
6. Oil and filters
7. Coil packs - NOT original Nissan but order from DynoTuner UK last year.
8. Vacuum pipes -> red silicone
9. Exhaust manifold gasket
10. Test with 95, 98 and 100 octane petrol - no difference.


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How bad is the fuel consumption from cold? Have you checked the air flow meter? Might need a clean? What about ecu is it stock one?
Finally managed to login/reset forum pass. Sorry delay.

Guys in local garage sorted this out last week - they changed one coil and tightened up a gasket: air intake --> throttle body.

I should find new gasket because revs are dropping occasionally below 500.. but seriously looks like no misfire from cold start anymore and torque is good all round revs :)

To answer you mate:
Had very bad fuel consumption from cold (~ 10mpg) until it gets warmed up and fires up all cylinders.
Air flow meter and AAC cleaned.
ECU is original as are all other parts except coilpacks (got them from UK Rising Sun Performance a couple years ago).

I've tried all usual tricks found on this and Australian forums as much as I could on parking lot with my amateur skills.. but these guys in garage did it slowly with dedication and friendly attitude testing all parts for many days :O

Engine compression is tested good no probs in there.

Strange fact is that this is second coil changed in past 2 years despite replacing wiring loom as well. Would be still nice to buy all 6 original Nissan coils and visit a real specialist whose equipment can fully read my ECU.. to understand all parameters / professional check-up in Germany or Austria somewhere..?

Next week getting new Timing belt.. hopefully installation goes well w/o complications :dance:
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