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R34 GTT for Mountain Passes / Track / Road-Trips?

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Long Story short:
Would you guys buy a R34 GTT with built engine (reinforced, rated for 700PS, running at 450) for Alpine Roads, 10-15 Track Days per year and Weekend Roadtrips to other Countrys doing 1000-1500km in a short time?
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Yes and no.

The GTT doesnt need a 700PS engine running 450 for those activities, a simple ECU swap and remap makes it more than capable on standard engine internals. So yes it can handle those activities.

But no if you plan on using the car through the winter as rust is the biggest issue not engine. If the car has been properly stored, undersealed, any rust sorted out and sealed up that would be my main consideration for "should i buy this?".

For Trackdays you want to focus more on stopping and suspension/arms than just flat out power as these are areas the GTT is lacking, not the power.
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