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Hi all.
Well I bought this GTT from Torque GT in Devon about 18 months ago. As it is in really good condition I have tried not to mess with the appearance and keep it looking as 'stock' as possible. I've enjoyed driving it as a daily drive, and have made some improvements to the interior such as replacing all the dash lights, and respraying all the plastic on the centre console, air con control, vents and 3 dial surround as the old finish was a bit tatty close up. I have also made some basic changes to exhaust, recirculating blow off valve, brake lines etc.
More recently I have started to increase power and I've gone down the rabbit hole with a new turbo, FMIC, injectors, and all supporting mods ... this is still work in progress and I have hit a few issues along the way which i will share in later posts.
I am really grateful to the previous owner who really looked after this car; I hope I can keep it looking just as good.
Here are a couple of pics of the car as it was when I bought it, and hope that Torque GT don't mind me sharing their photos :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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