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Hi all :)
I have a weird issue with my R34 GTT auto.
Lately it has started stalling when waiting at lights, and the last few days it has a missing cylinder at idle, i've located as number 6.
When it has light load, it sputters ALOT, like as if traction control is telling it "no way hosé", but no lights flashing for TCS. However, it pulls smooth and good at WOT. Issue only persists on light boost, aka like 0.5 bar and very light accelleration.
As for diagnosis i have tested coilpacks (All fine, i have swapped one at a time just to make sure), and sparkplugs are good (Also swapped around, and still missing cyl. 6 on idle).
All cylinders have spark so far. Great!
CAS checked by turning it by hand, and all 6 injectors click. CAS is okay!
All my injectors have 16.3 ohms (660cc Deatschwerk (spellcheck?)).
Timing is good, belt is on all marks.
Intake is tested for leaks, none found. It holds vacuum when chocked with my hand.
MAF sensor measures 1.3 volts on idle (1000 rpm) on signal wire, 2 volts at 2000 RPM. A bit high compared to the workshop manual, but nothing too serious i believe.
I have checked compression, and all is good, 9.5 bars on 1,2,4,5 and 6, and 8.5 bars on cyl. 3. Not to be worried about.
I even went to the lengths of getting a camera in through the sparkplug holes just to make sure it looked good. All is fine so far...
So, i have now resorted to pulling out the cams to make 100% sure the shims on cyl. 6 (all others for that matter) are not dislodged, or retaining springs are broken.
Cams on the table, buckets out. All shims are in place, and springs looks good from what I can see without pulling them out.

I'm at a loss. Everything seems to check out alright.

I am running an old MapECU2 piggyback, but it hasn't let me down so far.

Does anyone have a suggestion to further diagnosis, before i bite the bad apple and just order 6 new injectors to try them out (testing is the same price as buying 6 new ones /facepalm)

Thanks in advance.
The hopeful, and a little frustrated Ford Tech, Nicolai
PS: Sorry if i have some wrong spelling or grammar, I am not from the UK :)

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Nice result. I was going to recommend you get hold of an old priest and a young priest.👻
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