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R34 GTT Tiptronic Gear Shifter

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Hi All

has anyone changed their gear shifter on an tiptronic R34 GTT? the leather on mine has started to flake, saw a Razo auto shifter looked like a joystick, not sure if it will look tacky...anyone seen anything nice around?
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Does look tacky....bought one and sold it on.....DON'T bother.

Good luck with the hunt.
Shoe polish
Near enough impossible to find an aftermarket one. I have been searching for a couple of year and no joy. The way its bolted on to the stalk with 2 screws means its not easy to find an aftermarket one that will fit in the same way.
I do think a 350GT one will fit but havent been able to try one as yet.
cheers everyone, shoe polish it is!
Hey all, i need to change the shifter!!! i cant leave it, has no 1 changed theirs?
Not for an aftermarket one as far as I know.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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