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I just found and purchased a perfectly running and relatively low mileage R34 Skyline GTS-4 (2 door/GTT version) the other day for a good price (I would say). The car needs some minor tweeks done to it, but besides that the car should be perfect. I've owned a couple GTTs/GTSTs in the past, but I never knew that Nissan released a GTS-4 GTT version of the R34 until I saw this one. I did some digging online but I could barely find any information about this car, some forums I read mentioned that Nissan did release a R34 GTS-4 GTT version (besides the 4door) and that the car came with a RB25DE and the ATTESA awd system out of the GTR. Could anyone shed more light and provide more or confirm the information I have mentioned above? I'm just really curious on how rare these things really are.

I also forgot to mention that this specific one I bought, got an engine swap and is currently running a stock RB25DET NEO with the car's awd system perfectly working along side it.

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