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Hi my girlfriend bought me a rally rush experience from argos as a gift at christmass, she was told it could be used at knockhill, but after sending it away to get the actual voucher the other week we discovered that it cant be used at knockhill and we dont have the reciept any more to take it back. the tracks it can be used at are listed below. The session last about 2hrs although this is not 2 hr drivng a car I believe most of it is teaching.

Brackley (northhamptonshire)
Enstone (oxfordshire)
Honeybourne air field (worstershire)
Louth (lincolnshire)
Safron walden (essex)
Seaton ross (noth yorkshire)
Whitchurch (shropshire)
Worminghall (Buckinghamshire)

My girlfriend payed £100 for it.

Open to sensible offers
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