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i am going to turbo my N/A RB25DE and i thought that i would do a little story of it to here :cheers: and sorry for my bad english --> i'm from finland...

so, the car is a -93 r33 and it was kind of bad shape when i bought it =S but i have done some welding and other stuff to make it better, in this moment the car is at the painter and it's going to look awesome with the new paintjob. B)

i know everybody have asked a thousand times what parts do i need to turbo a N/A,
but i have read a lots of stuff about turboing a N/A engine, but i don still quite know exactly what parts i need o_O
turbo exhaust manifold, downpipe
new ecu
do i need some kind of wire harness? does the N/A and turbo intake manifold differ?

what else ? will turbo injectors be enough to produce 300hp?? how much boost (bar)

thank you for your answers =)

then some pics =P

car at the very beginning =DD

and this is how it looks now, i think =D

then done some lights mod B)

carbon fibre hood

painted my new rims =P
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