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Right got some big plans for my hcr32 for the near year but cant decide if i want to got for a topmount turbo or not! and i am aiming for about 400-450hp
Here is my rough idea for engine spec:
greddy td06 20g or something along the line of that
boost controller
rsp short engine kit including 1.4mm rsp head gasket and forged pistons, forged rods and ACL bearings.
rsp yellowjacket coil packs
iridium sparkplugs
walbro 225 fuel pump
550 injectors
apexperformance fmic
apexi induction kit
z32 afm
full 3-4 inch exhaust system and de-cat
tomei cams
adjustable cam gears
nistune/rsp ecu with custom map
50mm ally rad
nismo thermostat
N1 water pump
N1 oil pump
R33 big housing gearbox

I think thats about it
Am i looking at a lag monster or will it be fine for street car?
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