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Hey guys,

Please forgive me if this is a very basic mechanical question!

Just went to take her to be cleaned and the clutch pedal has no resistance. I didnt see any leakages under the bonnet where the cylinder is (i think), under the car was a small amount of clear fluid, not where i expected to see it, also saw something that looked like an electrical connection in the centre of the under carriage that looked unconnected, could this be related?

I live in the Philippines and think i have a good mechanic but you simply can never tell.

Appreciate any advice or obvious things i may have missed.

She's an old girl and i have been taking care of her. If it is a case of the clutch slave/ cylinder needing replacement, is there anything else i should get done at the same time?

Sorry, am reading and learning as much as i can but to be honest, am an armchair mechanic.

Any advice geatly appreciated!
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