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Rb20de vs rb25de

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Hi guys and girls

I have been offered (both R33)2 skylines one is a 2.0 non turbo with gtr kit etc etc no mods looks nice


And a 2.5 rb25de which is stock except exhaust and induction.

I know there both non turbos but which engine is more tuneable. ( at mo im leaning towards the 2.5.)

Also is the 2.0 a straight six ?:disappointed: dont think it is but please correct me if im wrong:gheyfight:

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yes all rb engines are 6 cyl,i would go for the 2.5,you might be able to make the 2.0 rev higher but the extra capacity of the 2.5 will win out in the end
not if its a de,actualy thats a good question! is the 20 an e or de?
2.0 ltr in an r33 is an E and single cam...2.0 ltr DE is twin cam but wasn't available in the r33...
you sure?,i nearly bought a cat c rb25de coupe
Yer, I thought the RB20DE was a 32 and 34 thing only.

THe RB20E has 130 BHP, the RB25DE has 200 from memory, not a tough choice.
theres no way an rb20e has 130hp lol,i could have pushed the r32 faster than that damn engine would propel it!
go for the 2.5 mate i started of with the RB20DE was chuffed sold that got a RB25DE and the difference was amazing also not that much difference in fuel costs to be honest
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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