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RB20DET life span?

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Evening all,

Got my eye on a cheeky little R32 GTST, with 90k miles on the clock.

Just wondering how long these engines usually hang on for? Will any obvious problems develop one should keep an eye out for when viewing one?

Would I be right in thinking if it does go pop, one could quite easily drop a RB25det in as replacement?
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It all depends really, if its well looked after and/or fairly std then it should pretty much run and run. Like all things though if it's been poorly maintained/poorly modded etc then it's difficult to say exactly.

The rb25 engine is a very popular upgrade, do a search on the forum and you should find all you need to know :)
rb20's are underrated, great little rev happy engines. i didn't manage to blow mine up! even with the oil pressure on nearly zero it still did track days. buy it
The RB engines in general will take a lot of stick if you make reasonable efforts to maintain them.

If the pervious owner is car literate and its got minimum mods, I'd say go for it.

90k, if it was an import you could find that some of that value is JDM KM's too before it got converted ;)

Get it ;)

RB20s are good strong engines and rev really well

People seem to worry about them because they have never heard of them they ony hear about the rb25 and rb26.

if you want to know about the conversion to rb25 a guy called tross has a very detailed site going step by stepCLICK ME!!

i'm gonna keep my rb20 till it dies then go for an engine conversion (maybe not a Nissan engine tho :D)
till it dies then go for an engine conversion (maybe not a Nissan engine tho :D)
lol sorry i did say maybe i have looked at many other things like rb24 :) i'm just keepin my options open

p.s. don't ban me :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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