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I have alot of spares for RB20DET's out of the R32GTST.

Firstly, i have two Rb20DET cylinder heads complete with cam shafts, pulleys.

The first one is a low milage head with no damage came off a bottom end failure engine, nice nick, was keeping as a spare for mine.


The second head, sadly has a bent couple of valves, and one melted one, but no damage to the seats, would need a few new valves and would be a pefect option if your looking for a head to port and polish then swap all the items from your head over.

It is still a complete head, still has cams lifters ect and pulleys.


I have boxes and boxes of spares for the RB20DET, so give me a shout if you need anything.

email me [email protected]

Make sure you mark the email as "skyline parts" or something simular otherwise i may delete it thinking its junk.

all parts are in Birmingham, but i can post at your cost.


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Hi mate - do you have any interior bits and pieces for sale? Boot space panels etc, front and rear door cards, steering column surround, that kind of thing.

All the best, Nick
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