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rb20det runing lumpy

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hi guys in the last few weeks i have fitted

444's injectors and resistor pack along with a z32 afm.

But now the car runs lumpy and isnt very smooth. The spec is

air filter
3" turbo back exhaust ( inc decat)
uprated fuel pump
444 injectors with resisitor pack
z32 afm
spit fire coil packs
rebuilt r33 turbo with steal internals

and i bought this ecu from japan dyno

ive just put brand new plugs in it tonight gapped to 0.9mm

and its still the same any ideas before i smash it ???

cheers james
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I would say it needs the timing checking , the cas position checking and it's probably over fueling ... alot ;)
cheers mate gonna get the datascan out today and have another crack :thumbs:
timing is miles out and its still out when adjusting the cas sensor.

what would be the best way to time it up?

Datascan is being **** and wont hook up with the car

any ideas?

cheers james
can anybody tell me what the timing marks mean?

cheers james
just had a search and is the 4th mark 15 degrees? Is that what i need to set it to?

cheers james
If the timing is set to 15 and its still lumpy what else could it be?

cheers james
Could just be the mapping in the ECU is not close enough and overfuelling too much.
Usually with all those mods I'd be expecting a session on the dyno to check everything.

Checked all your earthing points?
im going on the dyno mate once its runny semi decent.

Not yet mate im just trying to get a list of things to check for when i go to the garage tonight. Still got to set it to 15 degrees so il do that and see how it goes and check all the earths if its still not running good.

cheers james
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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