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rb20det tuning help

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hi guys ive read loads of threads and now im confused lol. im after about 350bhp from the rb20det.
the mods i have just now are

3" turbo back exhaust
air filter
fuel pump
colder plugs
spit fire coils

now on the threads ive read rx7 injectors fit and so do gtr injectors. What ones would be best suited to me? Also what turbo? Would a r33 turbo be good enough for that? And im also thinking i will need a z32 afm?

Ive got a nistune ecu so im gonna get it mapped with that :)

thanks for your help james :thumbs:
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the r33 turbo would need to be rebuilt to get 350bhp

No idea if rx7 injectors fit, a few people have gone gtr injector route though
ive just took the turbo off my r33 which is ment to of been rebuilt so il use that for now.

just injectors and afm now? Can anybody shed any light on them ? :)
Right i'm at a very similar stage to you mate.
Injectors if you want new ones go for sard 550cc, I've been speaking with garage D and when i can afford it they are gonna hook me up with some tested GTR ones, apparently they'll be fine for this power level and are about half the price of the sards. Z32 you will need. I've got a new turbo coming from garage D at the moment, you will need one. from what ive read up get the Rb20 one rebuilt as it'll be a quicker spool up.
I'm gonna get the nistune ecu thingy as well.
Give Garage D a call mate. Julian is an awesome bloke and he'll get ya sorted.
cheers mate i might get the gtr injectors and resistor pack :) but ive read rx7 ones fit aswell and there 555's just trying to get somebody to confirm it.
The turbo i have is ment to be a rebuilt one so il try that first see how i get on with spooling times etc

cheers james
Ah fair play on the turbo mate. The only thing i could find about the rx7 injectors is yes they will fit but require abit of fiddling. Quite what that means i never managed to find out. You got any plans on the cams after that or you happy at that power?
im looking at cams aswell mate just now if i can find some while its in bits. Think im just going to use the gtr injectors with resistor pack and loom :)
anybody advise on cams?

cheers james
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