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Rb20e headgasket

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Hi all I have a r 33 4door skyline ain't owned it for long and my headgasket has gone bang and I'm lost as to where I can get hold of the bits to fix it like headgasket,cam belt head bolts?any info wud really be helpful!many thanx
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Hi there- we stock all the parts you mentioned and a lot more for RB20E ; )

Head Gaskets, Cam Belts, etc-

Engine Parts, Brakes, Suspension.

Give us a shout if we can help ; )

where about are you 4door? I can do the spannering if youre close?
Thank u very much I will most likely b in contact very soon! I'm in Honiton Devon!thanx for the offer!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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