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Hi, Just really need some help and advice.

I have a R33 Coupe[2 door] which use to have a RB20e engine[Automatic Trans.]

I just put in a RB25de, S2 engine into it [came out from a Stagea, also Automatic Trans.]

I have the stagea loom which came with the engine but there were too many differences in the wiring schematic.
The Stagea engine loom was different from my R33 Coupe body loom.

I was wondering...

Can i use a R33 Sedan[4 door] Complete Loom + ECU which originally had a RB25de S2 engine[Automatic Trans. also], onto my R33 Coupe setup, with the RB25de sitting inside it?

Would the R33 Sedan[4 door] engine loom, be different from the R33 Coupe[2 door] body loom? Would there be enough right pins to match up for the engine to start/run? Power to the injectors, coils, ignition, etc...

It seem's impossible to find a R33 Coupe[2 door], with a RB25de engine with we're i'm at because they all have RB20e' , and the r33s that DO have the RB25de engines are the R33 sedans[4 door]
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