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Hi Guys,

I'm selling up from the Skyline life so getting rid of the last of my stuff, if you're interested in any of the below please give me a text 07805016236, feel free to make offers

* I have tons more pictures, the process is just a bit slow to upload them all on here, happy to send via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc

- RB25 cylinder head machined to run RB26 valvetrain, £1500 full spec;
RB25 head, slight port and polish with squish pads removed
Machined to run RB26 valvetrain but still retain VVT
RB26 intake valves
RB26 Inconel exhaust valves
Uprated retainers and springs with bronze valve guides
Solid lifters
Tomei Type B cams, adjustable exhaust cam pulley
Head drain kit with braided line

- RB26 N1 Crank with spline drive conversion including the N1 Oil pump, £600

- RB26 CP Forged pistons 86.5mm with RB26 Manley forged rods, £800
Some discoloration on one piston but it is still smooth to touch

- RB25 Front Cam cover painted purple, £50

- RB Competition Clutch triple plate clutch, friction plates need either replating or replacing, £100

Other smaller bits from breaking;
  • RB25 rear crank seal retainer including brand new Nissan seal in the packet, £25
  • RB25 Thermostat housing, £10
  • RB25 Knock sensors, £35
  • RB25 Crank girdle, £40
  • RB25 alternator, £40
  • R32 Engine mounts (metal bracket bit), £40
  • RB25 oil return (the one from the front of the head to the block), £15
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