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Hey guys im currently putting an RB25 DET into my 200 s13 i want to run around 500-550bhp i was wondering what ill need for this i will list what im planning but if you could correct or add any bits that would be great.

forged pistons (what type would you recommend?)
forged rods (what would you recommend?)
bottom end build
hks timing belt
greddy adjustable cam pulleys
cams (what do you recommend?)
greddy inlet
greddy fmi
apexi induction kit
billet b4040 turbo
custom manifold and external waste gate
uprated plugs and splitfire coil pack
koyo rad
oil cooler
apexi power fc
blitz nur spec straight through exhaust
in car ally fuel tank not sure which fuel pump yet (recommend?)
thicker goodridge fuel lines

anything else you would add to the list may of forgot somethings
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