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Having dramas with my mates r34 rb25de neo +t running a stock rb25de neo auto n/a ecu.

Disclaimer: I'm pretty new to skyline's, hoping someone's got a whole lot of knowledge about this stuff haha
Has a rough sort of idle and a slight miss when you rev it
Unsure of if it's ever been tuned with the turbo conversion, as a couple people owned it before him.
His boost gauge is showing about 14hg vacuum, haven't put a proper vacuum gauge on it yet to check if it's accurate, buying one this weekend. Changed the Tps, cleaned the aac. Cleaned the throttle body. Had a coolant temp sensor code, replaced the sensor, code gone. Cleaned the earth next to the coolant temp sensor

It has got a atmospheric blow off valve

Pretty much, the tps signal bouncing around on idle around 0.46-0.5, and it won't stabilise
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