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Hello, long time reader first time poster.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I'm looking to upgrade the turbo on my Rb25DE+T engine, my mods are as follows.

Rb25DE+T with vct
MLS triple layer head gasket
Aftermarket coils
Nistune chipped Z32 ecu and Z32 afm
GREDDY Copy front facing plenum and 80mm throttle body
2.5inch intercooler piping and large front mount intercooler
Deutschworks 255lph fuel pump
1000cc bosch injectors
GFB fuel pressure reg

I already have a Super T70 twin scroll ebay turbo laying around and also have a twin scroll mild steel exhaust manifold avaliable. Would this turbo be a decent upgrade over my Ar50 t3t4 turbo and cheap manifold that has just started to develop cracks, or would she just be a lag monster? The current setup has made 352 wheel horsepower, but runs out of puff up top but comes onto boost nice and low. Obviously the vehicle would be getting retuned after the upgrade, the car currently only has a 2.5inch exhaust, I would be doing a 3 or 3.5 inch exhaust at the same time as I can do all of this apart from the tune myself.

Any comments, opinions etc would be greatful!

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