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Hi All,

Yes I have this problem as I'm sure most of the rest of you too.
I'm running a GTR FMIC, stock ECU, bigger fuel pump, fse fuel regulator, blitz dsbc boost controller.....
and that annoying 4000-5000rpm flatspot and I have a boost cut (fuel cut?) at 12psi.

Done a lot of reading on this and a few reasons that were discussed on a a few boards:

1) ECU Upgrade required (overfuelling? retardation?)
2) Turbo actuator upgrade required
3) Disable VTC Solenoid
4) SAFC? (related to overfueling explanation)

Now I've tried putting my friend's Top Secret Ecu on my car and all that did was run too rich at 4000rpm and the car doesn't want to move at all. Maybe the ECU was not configured to my car's setup.

Don't know where the heck the VTC solenoid is! :rolleyes:
But I just bought a HKS actuator (got it rather cheap), so I'm trying that out soon.

Don't want to go throught the hassle of a Power FC yet, since my car is a daily car.. (and i need to go to work!)... thinking of putting in an SAFC first and see how it goes.

Any thoughts? Anyone solved the flat spot with an SAFC tuned before?

uhm, didn't mean to bore anyone with the long post!

Jebu said:

Yes I have this problem as I'm sure most of the rest of you too.
I dont & i never heard anyone complaining of flat spots before.

At a guess id say it was something to do with the FSE (guessing its a Powerboost Valve) or lag caused by the GTR FMIC
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