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Hey all, yesterday, I came back home and when I turned on my street, my engine started stalling and dying out. It was in 1st and I had to keep revving it gently to avoid stalling. It lost all power and wouldn't go above 5km/h.

I wanted to go park it, but 500 meters before my house, everything went back to normal.

First thought, was to check the MAF sensor. I noticed that my HKS filter was disintegrating and had let some particles past the MAF sensor and most likely into the intake, very few though, since most of it was caught in the mesh.

I disassembled it and cleaned it using MAF sensor cleaner and as advised in another post, reset my ECU but unplugging the battery, pressing the brake 3 times and giving it 15 minutes.

Obviously, upon restart the engine was cold, so it idles at about 800-1,000 RPM. I went ahead and warmed it up driving and did a few pulls. No stuttering or any power issue, sounds and feels healthy.

After parking, it started idling strangely like this :

Engine from Cabin - Streamable

Here's what it sounds like from the outside, hear that strange "high pitched" sound ?

Engine from bay - Streamable

I'm no mechanic, but could it be a faulty MAF sensor or idle air control valve ? I'm curious as to why it only happens after the engine warms up though.

I got the car over a week ago, it's 100% stock besides a boost controller set on low boost and this just started.

Thoughts ?
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