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Righty I’m starting this tread to help people out.
Iv recently bought a spec 2 gtst but it’s not road legal yet so can’t really drive it and Diagnosing the fault proved hard because of this.
anyway And before someone says there’s no such thing as boost cut in these I know but poeple search for this 😉
Righty then I got the car home and after doing a few jobs on it including the timing belt i had a really bad misfire in the higher gears first was fine.
the misfire would cause the car to stall and I checked everything, plugs, timing, Ignition timing adjusted the idle, fuel pump coil rail plastic mod fuel pressure but nothing worked.
I finally figured it out to be the speed sensor in the gearbox being faulty and I assume making the Ecu thing it’s doing 112mph or whatever but once that was unplugged the car runs sweet.
mad Iv said if I could drive it on the roads I would of been able to diognose more quickly.
I hope this help other with a similar issue.
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