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Its with a heavy heart iv decided to sell up my R34 4wd build i have been doing the last year. The cars near completion but i have lost interest being honest and another car has caught my eye so makes sense to sell now rather than put more money in to finish and feel the same in 6 months

I have spent an absolute fortune on this car

The car, the forged engine and other brand new unfitted bits such as the Tomei Ti exhaust, Greddy intercooler, Nismo coppermix twin clutch and ATS carbon rear lsd are all for sale so check the for sale pages on here.

This thread is for the forged engine i have had built by Paul at JDM garage in Devon, so they can verify the engine, spec and build quality is second to none (Engine still with him in storage for me)






  • RB25DET Neo 4wd 4.3 ratio originally from an stagea
  • Fully forged to 2528cc
  • Block fully machined, Hot washed, Acid dipped and painted with all ring clearances set
  • CP 86.5mm forged pistons
  • Manley H rods
  • Garage Otaku manifold with 90mm Throttle body and fuel rail in satin black
  • Tomei 260 cams in / ex
  • ID1050cc injectors
  • N1 oil pump
  • HKS pulley
  • 1.2mm Siruda head gasket
  • RB26DETT custom rocker covers finished in JW0 Millenium jade finished with gold rocker bolts
  • Nissan water pump
  • Nissan timing belt kit
  • Crank collar extension modification
  • ACL main and rod bearings
  • Superforma crank seals front and rear
  • Superforma crank seals billet aluminium half moon seals
  • ARP connecting bolts
  • ARP main studs
  • ITE rocker gaskets

Turbo kit

  • JDM Garage / Walton top mount manifold V band in burn edition finish
  • Garrett G25 660 turbo with 72. housing for extremely quick spool upto 650bhp
  • Custom pipe work and fabrication
  • Downpipe running screamer
  • Turbosmart Hyper gate 45mm
  • Braided lines
Kit built in house at JDM Garage by Paul.


Looking for £10k for the engine and turbo kit complete ready to fit.

Its all assembled, done zero miles and ready to fit

It will need a rwd sump for a GTST / GTT obviously. Currently has a 4.1 4wd front diff.

Would be perfect for a GTST4 or Stagea

Message me for more information

Phone: 07974 108 190
Email: [email protected]

Collection or delivery available


RB Racing Rotors
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I am willing to sell the engine without the turbo kit and inlet manifold for £6000

So you'll get the complete tall engine and you will only need to add inlet manifold and your chosen turbo setup or even stock manifold back on and run a hybrid,

Paul said he can mod the sump to work with RWD which i will cover once deposit is received.

Would be ideal for someone with an R34 GTT looking to forge. You could transfer your inlet and turbo side over to this then sell your stock tall engine for a couple of grand.

Get in touch with Paul at JDM Garage if you want the run down on the engine as he built it.


RB Racing Rotors
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SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD - Deposit received
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