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hi there ive been looking through the threads and not sure wot to get for my r33 gtst to get her to around 450bhp. can anyone give me a list of items that i will need or even better brand names of what you would recomend for each item. im sorry to be a pain ere but i am realy confused coz there is just so much out there to buy but most of it will need upgradeing atleast twice if i dont get the right brand thanks for your time.

Do it the easy way mate!
Buy a R32 GTR and swap the ecu for 400bhp a few more bits for 450bhp or buy a 33 with the mods already done!
You may be saying i cant afford a GTR but trust me mate by the time you get your 33 upto 450bhp you would have spent the same.
I,m on the same quest mate and have spent a fare bit
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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