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RB26 running rich adn no power

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The engine is running a bit rich and will not catch up with a throttle
if i hold it at 1500rpm and rev it up (quick) it boogs and wants to die
if i do it slowly its fine.
Which makes it a big deal if I shift from gear to gear at above mid throttle i lose all power and have to wait for the engine to catch up

Any advices would be a lot of help
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Check for vacuum and mostly boost leaks. Go over and tighten down all of your couplers to a reasonable tightness. Also loosen any that look moved, put them closer to the pipe and then re-tighten. Check for vacuum leaks, what I do is take some propane and kind of squirt it around the engine until it idles up, there is your leak.

Check to make sure your fuel pressure is good if you have an aftermarket fuel regulator, and make sure that you clean your MAF sensor properly. If there is still a problem after these steps, come back and see us. =)
thank you.

i had a leak before i posted. but it does not mean i am done. let me check with propane bottle
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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