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Hi guys.

I’ve just got hold of an r33gtst and the wiring harness is **** to s**t

I have a rb26 wiring specialist harness laying around.
The rb25 I’m using is running a freddy manifold single top mount turbo.
Can I use the rb26 wiring harness?
I know the 25 doesn’t run intake temp sensor and runs two mafs, I’m happy run 2 mafs if needed. I’m not worried about having lights on in dash as it’s track car, just need it to run (properly)
It’s a series 2 engine. But can I use the low impedance injectors from the 26 to resolve this issue? (With top feed rail etc)

the only thing I can think of is I will lose VVti

can I use the rb26 ECU and harness? Or the rb25 ECU with the 26 harness?
Thanks for the help.
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