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hi there.
Unfortunately the stock turbo of my 1997 ecr33 is gone, but its reparable.
the car has exhaust, air filter, boost controller, bov and stock intercooler.
we replaced the stock turbo with an masterpower t66 with t4 exhaust housing. the turbo is laggy, and bov doesnt emit any sound at low revs like with previous turbo. the boost only starts to come at near 5000rpm. my car is destroyed. the throttle response is not like with original turbo.its a drag racing carm not more the fantastic nissan skyline.
what is your opinion:
-do i rebuild the stock turbo with steel internals?is the repsonse fast like with ceramic internals?
-i think to kill the lag i have to replace the injectors, ecu,fuel pump, cams, coil packs,intercooler,etc dont you think?
-the stagea turbo and dump pipe is direct replacement for skyline?
when we go bigger,we loose always something. its amazing how the car comes from factory.

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I've got a rebuilt std R34 GTT turbo that has been modified with larger steel internals, 360 thrust bearing etc, its a little bit more laggy than the std ceramic turbo but i get all the advantages of loads more power.

To get the benifits of an uprated turbo you need injectors, Z32, power fc, front mount intercooler, turbo elbow, fuel pump and a clutch that way you can run the extra boost and use the turbo properly.

By adding things like the turbo elbow (helps turbo spool) power fc (allows you to dial in ignition to help turbo spool) they all help get rid of turbo lag.
Also you say exhaust i take it that includes downpipe and de-cat?

I also added a tomei pon intake cam to add power and reduce lag.
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