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Reg plate warning

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Hi all

Got stop by the police for incorrect reg plates today and before anybody says well it’s your own fault and I should not complain,

I'm not complaining

I have dodge plates and I know I would be stopped sooner or later, however this is about the change in law I was told.

1. The fine is now £60.00 not 30 as it was last year.
2. The nice police man told me that if you get stopped more than twice the DVAL will deregister your car and you will be issued with a new Q Plate.

He took several pic’s of my plates and said they will be sent to the DVLA ad kept on file.

Is this b***sh*t or has anybody experienced the same info.

It was enough for me to go and change my plates asap.

If "2" is crap the £60.00 fine is enough.:eek:

Hope this helps peps
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1. is correct, I've had one for my plate(small but legal so he did me for a dirty yellow cap which made a 6 look like an 8,or so he said)
2. I've heard the DVLA can confiscate the registration but the putting it on a Q I can't really see it.
ive got a small number plate on mine got stopped, copper was guna give a 6o quid fine so i wrote a letter with the help of maccer and the correct dvla paperwork for imports and argued the toss n got let off! jusyt state that it is an imported vehicle and cant fit a u.k size plate due to the bodys construstion
forgive my ignorance, but what problems do a Q plate give, i always thought they were reserved for kit cars etc
Yea I queried the actual offence and he said the size was ok because of the space for an import, however he said:-

1. The lettering was incorrect size and font.
2. The badge was illegal ie. a rising sun.
3. The background was wrong.
4. The was no details of the issuer of the plate i.e. post code.

So it was a fear i think in the grans scheme of things.
there have been literally loads of threads on this subject alone on here, have a search and you will find all the answers.
What are dodge plates?
It's what you do at a Greek wedding :cheers:
1. The lettering was incorrect size and font.
The number plate must meet the British Standard BS AU 145d (under uk law) which describes the physical characteristics of number plates, including: visibility, strength and reflectivity. The standard was created by the "The Births Number Plate Manufacturers Association"

This is clear cut, your number plate meets the standard or its does not. However, it can sometimes take a court case & a BNMA expert witness to convince the CPA that you're right & they are wrong.... (mega £££££, so worth it?)

2. The badge was illegal ie. a rising sun.
He's correct. EU law says you no long have to display those horrible STICK ON country stickers on your car (remember the big white OVAL GB things?). The EU marking on the side of the number plate are sufficient. You can only display the rising sun logo if your car is registered in Japan. If its a UK car, then it has to have a EU/UK or Regional (i.e Welsh dragon) mark.

This is not compulsory for old cars (could be for new) but must be correctly implemented when used. Yours is a UK car & therefore you've not correctly implemented this. You also cant display BOTH rising sun & UK marks, as again your car has not/cannot be registered in two countires at the SAME TIME.

4. The was no details of the issuer of the plate i.e. post code.
Again this goes back to the British Standard (BS AU 145d) which states the number plate must display

i. The British Standard Number (currently BS AU 145d)
ii. The name, trade mark, or other means of identification of the manufacturer or componentsupplier. (The company who actually make the number plate.)
iii. The name and postcode of the supplying outlet. (The 'supplying outlet' is taken to mean acompany whose business consists wholly or partly of selling number plates.)

Unless you have the original sale recipt for the purchase (& fitting) of the number plate on your car, you can't easily prove you are NOT AT FAULT for breaking any of points i to iii. The excuse of "it came with the car" will be hard to justify in court.....I tried this with the copper too during my roadside "stop".

Before I get flamed, yes I know the recipit for the number plate is one piece of documentation that is usually never given to the new buyer of a skyline however most skylines these days are JDM therefore someone imported the car & therefore fitted a UK plate to it.

I've had my front one plates re-done. If I get stopped, I've now got a halfrauds recipts to prove that I'm not at fault for points i - iii £12 bit of paper :(

there have been literally loads of threads on this subject alone on here, have a search and you will find all the answers.
Not always true m8, legilsation & the British Standard BS AU 145d have since been reviesed. The reply to a thread may have been valid at the time of posting but since a revision is either inaccurate or simply no longer applicable. There are threads on here (& on the 'net generally) that are years or even decades old ('net not SO :) ). Searching is a good starting place but legal advice is the only real way to go (especially if you get a ticket & want to contest)

Phew, mega post OVER!!! This is just my 2p worth. BLOODY HELL when did that turn into an essay :)

Golden rule, if you are in doubt get legal advice ;)
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I have a tiny 6" number plate on the front.
I also have the proper number plate stuck in the window.
Been pulled loads of times, but they cant do me because technically and legally i have th eproper number plate displayed.
Would ye not try that?..........
jam dvla's plates and put your own on, the police and dvla can only enforce road traffic laws on your car because you have registered it with dvla. registration in legal terms translates as signing over ownership of property. so techinically dvla own every single car that has a plate on it thus giving them the right to tell you how to/where to drive it and also gives them to right to tow/clamp/crush your car when its not taxed and they do so with your consent through the V5 and the number plate. Claim your property back by deregistering your vehicle and be done with dvlas bollox.
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