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1. Sun visors
2. Gear lever gator
3. windscreen wiper motor
4. rear wiper motor
5. sun roof motor
6. sunroof motor switch/cover
7. Fuel filler cap
8. Fuse box cover

Full set of floor mats in good condition

1-2. o/s + n/s rear c-pillar interior trims
3-4. o/s + n/s rear interior quarter trims
5. o/s lower dash cover
6. o/s A-pillar trim
7. Heater Blower motor

Centre Arm rest

Speedo Cluster

Speedo surround

I also have the following parts that are not pictured :-

Fuel Flap
Interior rear view mirror
rear parcel shelf
O/S/F wing
N/S/F wing
Bonnet (slight repairable damage to the front)

All Parts are open to offers as I need to make some space. :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts