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Apologies if this question should be in General, but it is for restoration purposes.

OK, so after 4 years I finally got the old girl of storage. I knew at the time of purchase (10 years ago) that whoever had owned the car before me had jacked the car in the wrong places and crushed the sills. It was never really a problem before it went into storage, however, the last 4 years haven't been that kind (probably down to just being stood for so long). After some ringing around and being let down a few times, I found someone to replace the sills and sort out a reasonable paint job on the rear quarter. However, upon receiving the car back I can honestly say I was less than pleased with the results :confused:. I did complain, and he agreed to re-book in, but due to getting the car back about 2 weeks prior to the current lockdown, he is unavailable for the foreseeable future. That said, i am now loathed to go back if that is the quality of his workmanship. This isn't exactly a 15 year old fiat Punto after all.

What I am after is recommendations for a reputable body shop, preferably with Skyline / JDM experience in the south Yorkshire area. I am prepare to travel a bit for the right person / body shop.

Cheers in advance (y)
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