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right i have got so far with buying performance parts and i am going to be getting it tuned hopefully in the nearish future, i just wanted to know if i need to get anything else before i take it as once its tuned it will be a while before i will be adding any more parts, as we all know it gets quite expensive after this stage. here is a list of what i have...

turbo elbow
down pipe
3" exhaust system including decat
air filter
profecb 2
apexi safc neo
ngk irridiums

im not sure if i need uprated fuel pump, and if so which is best to go for gtr or walbro, and if i get walbro do i need a fuel pressure reg? do i need splitfires? etc etc.

also does anyone know decent tuners in the west/south yorkshire area which are good but will not rip you off? many thanks:bigthumb:

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Your car already has a fpr fitted, a non adjustable one on the end of the fuel rail (front). I would strongly advise fitting a set of splitfires though, as i can guarentee that the std coils will start to give up, when the boost is turned up to 0.8bar.
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