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Hello South Central people, if any of you are interested in putting together a rolling road shootout day, we (For-Tune PVE) are based in Somerset (TA19 9DU) and have a 2WD Dyno Dynamics rolling road, capable of reading 1,200bhp at the wheels. We do single power runs, but also offer discounts for group bookings as follows:

Single session = £50ea
5-10 cars = £45ea
11-16 cars = £40ea
16+ cars - £35ea

1. We will check the oil and coolant levels in your engine, and adjust the tyre pressures as necessary before driving your car carefully onto the rollers.

2. Once in place, your car will be securely strapped down to the dyno bed using strong ratchet straps over your wishbones or rear axle. The car will also be strapped out to the sides of the dyno bed to prevent any sideways movement. Remember that this rolling road can cater for cars producing 1,200bhp (and more) at the wheels, so traction is not an issue, unlike with other rolling roads.

3. We will attach various sensors and hoses to monitor the following during your power run:

Atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure (for accurate corrected power figures)
Inlet air temperature
Boost pressure/vacuum
Engine speed
Road speed
Air-fuel ratio
Injector pulsewidth (where possible)
Injector duty cycle (where possible)
Tractive force at the tyres
Power at the wheels (the true measure of a car's performance)
Power and torque at the flywheel

4. We will carry out three power runs using the Dyno Dynamics "Shootout" mode. In Shootout mode, no results can be altered by anything we do. All information regarding air temperatures and pressures is printed on the graph so there is no scope for false or "fudged" readings, be they higher or lower.

5. All data from the three runs is logged. We can call it up on a graph in any combination we desire, showing up to three parameters on the one graph, and analyse the engine's performance, with you alongside. You may ask any questions you want answering, and ask to see all the data we collected.

6. Your graph can then be printed off, your car un-strapped and driven off.

A session like this gives access to so much engine data that typical problems such as undersized injectors or boost leaks can be diagnosed in moments. Inferior dynamometers pose issues such as lack of traction, inaccurate equipment and/or software and the ability for the operator to affect the outcome of the power run. With the Dyno Dynamics dyno, that is not an option. You get true, extremely accurate figures for your car, plus the bonus of potentially routing out a problem before it causes terminal damage to your engine.

If a single person would like to organise a shootout day, I can be contacted by PM, via email ([email protected]) or by telephone on (01460) 57999.


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Less of the bumpkin references thanks ;) Thanks for the support, I wasn't aware of your presence fairly local to us - you could be of use to us in the future matey :)
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