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Roof Covered with Black Glossy Vinyl

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Hi Skyliners,

I am planning to get my silver 350GT's roof covered with Black glossy vinyl. Can you please help me with the following queries:

1. Which is the best glossy vinyl I can get? Any particular brands and makes?
2. How long will it last for?
3. Do I need to take special care while washing? Is there anything I can do to maintain its glossy-ness :)

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Hi Amehla,
First off are you going to do this diy or get it done professionally?

Ive wrapped a few things myself and preparation is definitely the key to a good looking job

If you are going professional look at these guys here , they are local to you and it'll be around 150 for a roof/bonnet wrap. Lots of examples of their work on regional car club forums like club jap.

Yeah, they're good.. the guy that does my painting knows them well, and all their work is very tidy and uses good quality material.

Most of the Skyline owners near me have used them for the window tints and the work is v good. Once I get round to it, mine will be going there for the rear windows as well.

I am planning to get it done professionally. I did have a chat with Protint. You are correct they are charging somewhere around 150. Also, I have an option of getting it done from people who put custom designed vinyls on commercial vans and cars. They will charge me around 100. I dont think much goes in applying the vinyl to the roof. So both the options are viable. I am worried about the vinyl to be used. I want a vinyl that would last long and stay glossy as it needs to match the glossy-ness of the rear glass/wind-shield. Any suggestions?
happy V35 and me painted our roofs , why wrap it ?

Happys 350GT
my 350z ,

be same money as vinyl , i even have a bit of shimmer in my zed black roof looks awesome in the sun its mixed in the clear laquer not expensive at all

roofs you have to be careful with as get very hot in summer with vinyl so it needs to be good grade ,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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