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Shake and Bake !!
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Hi Ladies and Gents,

Anyone going up on Sunday ? I attempted it today (Got up late, and didn't get going till late) but thought I would just give it a go. As jes clarkson said the second before overcooking the toyboata....."that, was a mistake"

The m*****f***ing traffic actually forced me to turn back, M25 shocking, M1 shocking. Stupid me for having a late one Friday night !! So a 6 or 7am start it is for Sunday.
Its become a national lampoons vacation, where i WILL go there !!

I've only just got another skyline so it would be nice to meet up with some likeminded individuals.

EDIT - Nevermind, I see its going to **** down all day, Santa Pod is horrid when its miserable, effing traffic, and effing weather !!!
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