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Royal Petts Wood / Bromley

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Well in the last week i have seen from the interior of my white gtt:

-A grey green R33 in Crofton one afternoon
- A white R33 in Petts wood one afternoon
- and a Yellow R34 gtt with a gtr spoiler which trailed me from Bromley to Southborough on the way back from MT
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Since when was Petts Wood, Royal Petts Wood? :D
Bloody should be with the property prices. Im launching a one man campaign to get it renamed. Its worked with all my post so far. :bigthumb:
Haha, there are only two towns with Royal prefix, Tunbridge Wells and Lemington Spa.

Good luck with your campaign, but I think it was Charles II that prefixed T Wells :p
Nice to see i have your support for the campaign :bigthumb:

The 33 is looking good mate, did you get your wheels done in the end?
Nearly :) I'm hassling the guy, the wheels are next. They are going a black/brown colour, to tie-in with the overall colour carbon gives.

Then....some new graffs I think :D

We still need to meet-up, but the weather is so depressing :( Not white car friendly either.
Nice. I still have the body kit to go on so i might have to start hasseling your mate soon :ylsuper:

Defo. Cant believe its still bloody snowing. Only place im going at the moment is the pub :doh:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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