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A complete unedited comparison bettwen an RX-7 Twin Turbo and an R32 GTR from a bloke that now owns both. Just got his RX-7.

There's a few errors in his grammar which may confuse but I've left them as was.

Must list the modifications first (and working being carried out), not
all of these are completed yet as we are waiting for parts.

94 R2 - 29,000 miles.

Apexi AVC-R (not yet fitted)
Apexi RSM (not yet fitted
Apexi Fuel pump, (on order)
4 new Goodyear f1 tyres,
Alpine 15" type R subwoofer,
Cusco front strut brace,
850CC primary injectors, (on order)
Alpine 900w subwoofer,
Alpine MP3 head unit (CDA 9813R I think),
New NGK spark plugs,
New thermostat, (on order)
New water pump, (on order)
Magnecor leads,
B&M Kew Volt spark amplifier,
Uprated radiator - 100% bigger than standard unit. (on order)
Twin or triple plate clutch, very sharp bite,
Blitz front mount intercooler (6" deep)
HKS RS induction kit,
Alloy intercooler and induction piping,
Enormous exhaust rear section (about 5,1/4 inch exit) (VERY VERY LOUD)
Lowered suspension.
17" Enkei wheels,
Brand New Goodyear f1 tyres,
4 point Willans harness,
MOMO 280mm steering wheel, (on order)
Greddy gauges x3, 1x boost on top of dash and 1x oil pressure, 1x oil
temp on pillar mount.
Remote oil filter (not sure if this is standard or not)
Apexi Power FC & commander
Uprated brake pads all around,
SARD atmosphere dump valve,
Cat removal pipe (not yet fitted).
Le mans style rear wing.

Mods I am considering;

Water injection,
Uprated Apexi front brake rotors.

So it's a long list and a very special car!

This is going to be a rough comparison to a 400bhp R32 GTR. Rember I
haven't really driven the RX7 enough to make a really final judgement
(done a couple of hundred miles now), but I thought you would be
interested to a comparison.

(After driving both cars back to back)

Drives beautifully, boost set at about 0.85bar. (0.85 on primary turbo
0.8 on secondary to be safe)

Okay low end response is fantastic, turbo lag seems non existent, she
boasts masses of torque in the mid range but power tails off slightly
towards the redline. Response is much better than the RX7, however GTR
has much more grunt at high revs. Where you would be changing down a
gear in the GTR, this wouldn't be as necessary in the fd.

Gearbox seems okay, not a Honda box though, a little notchy just like a
GTR's however throw is slightly longer in the RX7 I think. With a bit of
racing purple gear oil the gearchange should be transformed.

Clutch bite is very harsh but still just about useable in traffic.

Steering seems quick and is nice and heavy, feels a little like a bigger
MX5 although I am being cautious right now as I am not used to the car.
Steering is definitely sharper on the GTR, probably due to the HICAS
rear wheel steering although you can hardly call the steering vague on
the RX7 - it is excellent. Feedback seems superb from the steering wheel
on the RX7, every bit as good as the GTR.

Brakes on the RX7 are not as good as I was expecting, since owning an
Integra type R, brakes on performance cars have not seemed brilliantly
up to scratch. Pedal feel is not brilliant, but it seems to stop
relatively well. R32 GTR standard brakes are definitely worst but not by
a huge margin I would say.

Looks, well again down to opinion, I would say the RX7 is immensely
beautiful, one of the prettiest cars ever made, definitely a better
looker than the GTR, although the GTR has a no nonsense brutal look
about it you cannot argue with.
On the way home last night EVERYONE was looking at the car (it is very
very noisey) this is great, never happened in the GTR although people
would occasionally come up to me and ask to shake my hand for owning a
GTR and people that know what it is always look! I was laughing so much
as everyone was looking/pointing at the car etc. One bloke who was
walking along just stopped and looked at the car, his jaw was almost on
the ground!!

Sound wise the RX7 is loud - VERY LOUD. Another attention grabber, one
of the best sounding beasts ever, popping and banging on overrun - just
GTR sounds like a truck at low revs as the fan has a viscous coupling
but at higher revs it sounds AMAZING like a Le mans car.

Practicality on the RX7 - it has none - no space, hardly any room for
luggage and shocking fuel consumption. (but who cares)
GTR is surprisingly practical, 4 seats (size of rear seats not bad), big
boot, low running costs for such a fast car.

Build quality & reliability - build seems good on the RX7 - not perfect
and not as ridiculously sturdy as the big Datsun but seems to be well
put together. Reliability on the rotary will never be as good on the
rotary as the RB26 DETT in the skyline as most know its an amazingly
over engineered engine.

To conclude - both awesome cars, the RX7 is more exciting and seat of
your pants and just such a beauty but the R32 GTR is probably one of the
best all around sports cars in the world.

If I had to score these cars then this is how I will score them
(remember just my opinion and I have not pushed the limits of either

R32 GTR - 395bhp Vs. RX7 R2 stage one mods

All scores out of 10

Performance: GTR: 9 - RX7:9
Response: GTR: 6 - RX7: 9
Steering feel / road feel : GTR: 9 - RX7: 8
Brakes: GTR: 5 - RX7: 7
Sound: GTR: 8 - RX7: 10
Looks: GTR: 8.5 - RX7: 10
Practicality/ costs: GTR: 6 - RX7: 2
Build/Reliaility: GTR: 10 - RX7: 6

Overall score: GTR: 61.5/80 - RX7: 61.0/80

My overall car score (not an average) GTR: 9/10 - RX7: 9/10

Both very equal in the end although they excel in different aspects. I
love both cars and if I had to chose between them??? I couldn't both
equally fantastic but totally different cars.

I am now an RX7 nut!

This RX7 is going to be our demo car, will keep you posted with pictures
and details but this VERY loud (in all respects) car should be at the
TRAX show in September.

Cheers, Anthony.

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so basically if you want something to wear you get an RX7, not known for their room, and inhibiting factor of when your driving it, not being able to see over the next speedbump :)

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Yes it has been said you don't get in an RX-7 you put it on. Unlike a skyline, which you get on, not in ;)

M's Factory
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mind you the size of the speed humps around its like driving in the Andies.
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