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Hey all,

For sale is a pair of Sabelt 3-Point Clubman Harnesses (SAB907005N) complete with snap-on brackets.
The harnesses are brand new, never used and were purchased from Demon Tweeks and have remained in the packaging. They are silver in colour and come complete with the eyebolts too.
The advantage of these harnesses is that they can be swiftly disconnected to allow the rear seats to be used.

Here is the product on Demon Tweeks' website:
3 Point Spring Catch Harness | Harnesses | Demon Tweeks Motorsport, Motorcycle, Car Modifying, Parts and Accessories,Sparco, Arai

Originally cost £150.00 for the pair.

For sale at £120.00 for the pair.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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