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Hi Folks,

I'm hoping that you guys can give me some advice on any mods that I should do to ensure that my car is running safely (i.e. ensures it won't go pop - well as far as is reasonaly possible)

The car and mods so far are below

1995 R33 GTST
Turbo Elbow
Super Drager Exhaust
MBC - boost set at 0.75 bar

Next mods to go on in near future
Direct ignition splitfire coils
Piggyback ECU
Electronic boost controller (probably profec B spec 2) - probably set the boost to 0.8 bar

Now after that lot goes on (or before) what should I be doing to ensure it is running safe? Should I be thinking about uprated fuel pump or anything else.

In terms of performance this is probably going to be as far as I take her - its my daily driver and I rack the miles up fairly quickly (so a high state of tune really isn't an option), so its a workhorse but a workhorse that will bring a smile to my face on lengthy journeys - but also why I need it to be reliable and not likely to pop at an inconvenient time (like there is ever a convenient time for it to happen but you know what I mean)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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