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:( screamer pipe seems lame now

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Not sure if this is a NIAB or not. Found quite a few, never seen it done on normal cars before

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I'd be worried about the jet engine ripping itself from its mountings and carrying on going fowards :grinno: at least you'd go out with a bang :nutkick: lol
Sounds great though :rofl:
Speed not the issue, its slowing the TNUC down , smoking brakes like a sod
Turns out, after reading the Dutch comments, those guys live pretty local to me, never seen or heard anything about the project... wich is a shame :D
What a waste of time money and effor. Godverdomme ;)
why put a jet engine on the back of a poxy caddy pick up, and it must of cost a monkey to get to about 40mph,
that in my eyes my friend is a wasye of money
There was a New shape beetle with a jet installed, loads better than that effort.

Waste of time if you ask me !
Screamer pipe IS lame.....

Screamer pipe IS lame.....

Theres nothing lame about seeing some jack the lads trying to look all hard outside the local pub then unleashing the screamer and watching them jump about 10ft in the air making them look like a bunch of pussys lol.

back to the video. It wasn't the speed i was refering to as you'd need some huge brakes to stop that if it got going, just the insanity noise. Would be a laugh to turn up to your local Mcdonalds in though, "oi matey in your saxo, call that an exhaust?"
what drugs were they smoking when they did that to a caddy???
WTF was expecting the thing to do a nitro thunder thing and take off into the horizon.

(dont really know what nitro thunder is but just felt like writing it)
lol @ hanging around mcdonalds with a screamer pipe...
Now that is cool.
God, i toast some cop cars with that yoke:D
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