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Does anyone know if the seatbelt to sill mounting bolts are available from Nissan dealers... OR does anyone have any good condition ones available?

Whilst resolving my snapped exhaust manifold for the 3rd time (awesome Lead Foot Racing steam pipe fitted :yum:) I spotted the bottom of my NS wing had rotted through so also tackled the dodgy rear floor / sill rot that had been on the car since it came off the boat from Japan.

Awesome job by my new favourite local Manchester welder (see pics).

Anyhow it turns out the Japanese bodgers had partially stripped the seatbelt bolts threads so I need to replace to prevent Mrs R launching under heavy braking :) !!!

Car is now MOT'd as they hold the belt but now I know they are Fubar'd they must be changed along with other advisories (& rot removal) before we are back on the road.


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