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I have been thinking long and hard about this lately, and I think the time has come...

I have wanted an R32 GTR for many years, and reckon if I don't take the plunge now, I probably never will...

So sadly, I am putting my beloved S13 up for sale to fund the purchase.

It's a white 1993, manual S13 200SX, UK spec with 75,000 miles on the clock and I am only the second owner of the car from new.

I spent over 6 months looking for an S13 when I finally decided that's what I wanted, and I eventually found this beauty in Jan 2002. Since I have owned the car it has always been garaged, it has been looked after with utmost care and mechanical sympathy and has never been dragged, tracked or drifted.
I have always used fully synthetic oil, and this has been changed every year which would mean that it gets changed every 2-3000 miles as this is as far as she gets driven each year. This car is not a daily driver, it's my weekend toy and as such gets pampered. It very rarely goes out in the rain and only ventures out in the winter to blow the cobwebs out if I'm sure there's no salt down and it's dry.

Bodywise, you will be hard pushed to find a more solid, rust free S13 in the UK. It is one of the best I've seen, and I've seen a few! The bootlid has had the usual rust under the rear spoiler, which has been removed and de-rusted. This will (finally) be sprayed professionally next month. The only other issue is that there are signs of a rust bubble at the outer edge of each front turret under a thin metal plate that all S13s have spot welded to the top there. This is by no means a structural problem, and it will even be fine cosmetically for many years to come. I have looked into every recess and panel on this car that I can get to and it's all goo. Inside the sills are totally soild, as are the rear arches, front crossmember, chassis legs and all the other places that these cars rot. THIS CAR DOES NOT NEED WELDING!! Unlike many cheaper S13s. The paint is in excellent condition, and most of it is original. The only panels that appear to have been painted are the driver's door (the original owner told me some kids tried to knick the stereo). The nearside front wing also appears to have been painted at some time due to a scrap on the front of it. I have looked under the arch liner and there is no sign of damage to the wing. This car doesn't even have one single pin dent from parking - that's how good it is. Even the chassis rails and sills are straight and not bent or squashed by careless jacking.
It's fitted with a Vanquish front bumper, Hipposleek sideskirts and Nissan JDM rear spats.
It also has 'Kouki' rear lights (again full Nissan JDM kit, not crappy e-bay specials).
Depending on spec, it may also come with custom made, non-pop up lights and modified bonnet (see pics).

Chassis -
Compomotive MO 17x7 and 17x8 inch wheels in satin black. Totally unmarked.
Polybushed front tension rods
Apex coilovers
Nismo rack bushes
Hispec 4 pot billet calipers and 325mm 2 piece discs
Braided lines all round
Apex gearbox mount
Rear carbon fibre strut brace

Engine -
Stage 2 CA18DET (approx 250 bhp). Standard internals.
Garrett GT28R ballbearing turbo with braided oil & water lines
HDev stage 2 chip
Apexi air filter
FSE adjustable FPR & braided lines
Greddy plugs
HKS Hyper Mufler exhaust and Apex silenced front pipe (no cat - not needed for MOT)
RPS Streetmax organic clutch (good for 400 ft/lbs IIRC)

Interior -
Pretty much standard, with 4 point harness for driver, Sparco steering wheel, Nismo 'ball' gearknob and a set of 4 Defi gauges (oil temp & pressure, water temp and boost).

This car has never let me down once - the nearest it got was a blowing turbo to manifold gasket, which was replaced when I did the turbo. It's even been to Le Mans and back twice without mishap.

the price for this little beauty:
As it is I'm looking for £4500 ovno.
Yes it is a lot for an s13, but it's not very often you'll see one as good as this come up for sale.

There are two more options though:

For the reduced price of £3500, you can have the car with standard pop-ups and bonnet (but with the body kit still), S14 4 pots and 300ZX discs in place of the Hispec brakes, Koni shocks 7 Chassis Dynamics springs in place of the coilovers, and I'll remove the Defis, so it will no additional gauges.

The final option is that I would be more than happy to px her for a nice R32 GTR, plus cash from me.

Thanks for looking :cheers:


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Great looking S13 well done
Good luck with your sale,Will be easy as a really nice one.
I sold mine to my Brother years ago and before was my late Mums.Iam going to send your link to my bro to show what it could be like he doesnt look after his at all.My Bro in our old S13 below.

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Thanks mate.

Your old S13 looks like a nice and tidy standard car. Tell your bro she needs plenty of TLC as good S13s are getting rare these days :)
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